Music background is from playing in Symphonic Band, Rock, Surf, Jazz, Industrial, New Wave, Hip Hop, and Experimental Rock. Born in El Paso, Texas and lived there for 21 years, first started playing music when I was 13 years old. Played in local Rock bands and Jazz bands until I moved to Dallas, Texas for school. While living in Dallas I played with an Industrial band called Undercover Mall Police and started to play with click tracks/electric drums. Moved to San Francisco after I graduated from school and started working at a music start-up company,, and met a DJ and Guitarist. I started to play with these guys and we formed the band Yer Mama. RedJar was formed by a fellow co-worker, who moved from Colorado to SF, his band moved back but he stayed. We continued to play until this summer when I moved to Los Angeles. Wanting to experiment with electric percussion and incorporate acoustic drums, I started a solo project called AtomicAnnie.